Hot Shop Rental

The Glass Center has a glass blowing studio that is available for rental. Facilities include

  • 300# invested pot furnace
  • 2 glory holes
  • garage
  • pick up oven
  • 2 annealers
  • Standard pipes and punties
  • basic hand tools
  • fluffy torch
  • cane pick up set up

Hot Shop Rental rules and regulations

  • All renters MUST go through an equipment training with TGC staff prior to the first scheduled blow slot. Please schedule this with TGC front office.
  • All blow slot reservations must be made with TGC front office, either by email or by text.
  • Blow slots are a three hour minimum unless you are blowing directly following a TGC scheduled class, or a confirmed other renter.
  • No blowing past 11:00pm. At 11:00pm the annealers are scheduled to begin their cool down process.​ This is so they can be available to others the next day.
  • All blow slots are measured in one hour increments.
  • When you sign up for a blow slot you will be charged for the entirety of the blow slot regardless of whether you are actually blowing during that time. So a slot from 6-9pm will be charged three hours, even if you take a half hour break in the middle.
  • Reservations must be canceled 48 hours in advance or you will be charged for the entirety of your blow slot. Natural disasters and acts of god being the exception.
  • For the first month TGC will light up the holes for you and have them hot by the time your blow slot is scheduled to begin. After the first month we will reevaluate.
  • Bills will be issued by the 5th of each month and must be paid by the end of that month.
  • TGC equipment and tools must be treated with care. If we feel you are abusing TGC property you will no longer be allowed to rent time. Equipment that is damaged or destroyed by a renter will billed to the renter. 
  • Please report any problems to TGC staff immediately so they can be dealt with.
  • All finished work must be picked up from TGC within two weeks unless arrangements have been made with TGC staff. Work unclaimed after this time will be sold in the TGC gallery will 100% of proceeds going to the TGC educational fund.

Rental rates:

  • Medium glory hole: $40 per hour
  • Small glory hole: $35 per hour
  • Tools: $5 per blow slot
  • Color (frit): $5 per hour
  • Finished glass: $2.50/pound
  • Torch: $5 per blow slot
  • Garage: (not currently available) $10 per blow slot
  • Lockers: $3 per month
  • Extra long annealing cycles: rates to be worked out with TGC staff

The Glass Center Camp Registration: Have a heART July 6-10

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The Glass Center

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